FAQ: General

How can I replace the drive in a CD31, CD21, or DVDi10?

We are no longer able to provide drives for CD31 MKI, CD21 MKI, and DVDi10 models, as we are no longer able to source compatible drives that meet our specifications and expectations for long-term reliability. Note, drives for CD31 MKII and CD21 MKII models remain in our inventory sufficient to provide service for the foreseeable future.

It may be helpful to know the timeline for the design and production of those models:

2004 – CD31, CD21, DVDi10 designed utilising the DVS DSL 710A drive, with drives sourced from DVS Korea, produced in their factory in China. This drive, and its variants, became the drive of choice for many manufacturers, such as Arcam, Ayre, Cambridge, Denon, Meridian, Naim, and Primare, for its quality and perceived long-term reliability compared to other similar drives available at the time as high-quality dedicated CD drive options became limited and multi-platform audio and video players were being designed to meet market demand.

2005 – First production of CD31, CD21, and DVDi10 models

2006 – We are informed that DVS ceased production of the specific DSL 710A drive used in the CD31, CD21, and DVDi10 models. Primare purchased all remaining stock, but late communication led to limited inventory being available due to larger manufacturers having been informed earlier and buying up most existing stock. As a result, insufficient DVS drives were available for a second production run and anticipated service needs, forcing a redesign of CD31 and CD21, resulting in MKII models using a drive sourced from Shinwa.

2010 – Primare purchases later production DSL drives to replenish service inventory. While generally reliable, some customers reported that they were unable to play certain CDs.

2015 – To replenish our service inventory, we purchased additional drives then available on the market. However, testing conducted when we received them revealed that they were highly unreliable. For example, for every five drives purchased, only one drive would meet our specifications under testing. As a result, the cost of each useable drive became prohibitive, and with our lack of confidence in their initial and long-term reliability, it was determined that we could not in good conscience provide these drives to service centres and consumers.

2019 – Last available DVS drives from our inventory were sold out, causing us to be unable to provide drives for service of the MKI models.

We caution against purchasing DSL 710A drives currently available online as a result of our experience and because the loader and internal parts may be different, as it is not simply a drive, but entails all the supporting circuitry, and it is impossible to confidently determine whether the correct circuitry will be included from the information available online.

There are sufficient supply of Shinwa drives available in our parts inventory for service of MKII models for the foreseeable future, but note that the drive was changed three times throughout the production life of those models, so contact us at info@primare.net with the serial number of your unit to determine which version of the drive is required.