FAQ: Prisma

Do I need a Google account to setup a Prisma component?

WiFi – you can setup a Prisma component in your network without a Google account when using WiFi network connection, either by following the instruction prompts found in the Android Prisma application, or if using an iOS device, following the instructions below:

Go to the Wi-Fi menu under Settings on your iOS device. Select the Prisma model you wish to setup under “SET UP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER…” at the bottom of the list. Select the network you want your speaker to connect to and select “Next”. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete setup.

Ethernet – using ethernet connection provides immediate setup in your network simply by inserting the cable into the ethernet socket on your Prisma component. However, currently Google Home, and a Google account, must be used to configure a Prisma component when using ethernet connection, but we are exploring options for allowing direct connection as described above for WiFi.

Note: with either WIFI or Ethernet connection, to take advantage of Chromecast built-in related features and functionality, such as casting, voice control, and multi-room/multi-zone configuration and control, set up and configuration must be done through Google Home, with a Google account.

So, you can “configure” a WIFI connected Prisma component without having a Google account or having used Google Home to “set up” the component’s network connection, but you can’t “configure” an ethernet setup/connected Prisma component without having a

Google account and using Google Home. Yes?