FAQ: Prisma

Can I use Prisma without connection to the internet?

You are able to use any Prisma model as a network player without connection to the internet, but you will need to have set up a local area network by adding a small router to the system if you don’t already have one in the home. 

To that we would recommend adding a NAS (local area network connected self-powered hard drive with media management software installed) in order to take advantage of full Prisma connectivity and control functionality, as well as best audio performance.

The mobile device with Prisma installed will be used to control the NP5 Prisma connected over wifi, while the Prisma component can be connected either by wifi or ethernet (we prefer the latter for both connectivity and performance reasons).

You can play files from a portable drive connected to the USB A input on NP5 Prisma but note that the USB A input on all Prisma models was was not designed for critical listening connection or control, nor for long–term large–scale digital media music library storage. Rather for temporary, more informal listening, with a thumb or portable drive. For further details click “What can the USB A connector be used for?”