December Prisma Updates Update


Just a quick note to provide an update on the December updates we have begun to release this week.

The Prisma update, embedding Tidal and Qobuz, has yet to go out.

Before we can release that update, we need to be sure that all Prisma models have received the OTA update, which is going out more slowly than anticipated.

We expect the OTA launch for all Prisma models to be completed by Monday, allowing for the Prisma app to be launched sometime Tuesday.

Note, you will need to update the Prisma app in your mobile device when the update becomes available, as well as to log-in to the TIDAL and Qobuz to access either service.

For new Roon Ready units, you may need to do one or more steps listed below for Roon to recognise the new Roon Ready device:

  • reboot your Roon core
  • unplug and plug back in your ethernet cable connecting to your Prisma unit if using LAN or wired connection
  • do a factory reset and reconnect your Prisma model to your network if using WLAN or WiFi

If there are any questions or issues, please submit a help request at this link

With our apologies for the delay, but we want to be sure that all units are successfully updated.


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