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R35: Primare R35

“Did you like the R15? You’ll love the R35 even more....

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R15 – Seductive phono preamplifer

“Its price tag of 1,050 euros does not make the Primare...

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PRE35 Prisma – Stereophile Recommended Component

“Class A – The Primare PRE35 Prisma is a finely honed,...

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What is Primare?

For thirty years, Primare, based in southern Sweden, has been designing and producing award-winning hi-fi components that bring the Scandinavian attributes of honest integrity, timeless design and world class performance to a global audience.

The goal is to provide the best possible experience for the greatest number of people, whether the source is analogue or digital, stored or streamed, wired or wireless.


Connect to everything with ease

Prisma is a bundle of technologies we have put together to allow everyone in the household to explore, discover, and share the deeply satisfying experience of high-performance music playback – providing multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control of stored and streamed media, whether wired or wireless, all managed from mobile devices with in conjunction with a dedicated system control app.

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The art of hygge & lagom

Every Primare product reflects a commitment to Scandinavian ideals such as lagom & hygge.

Lagom (“laah-goam”) is the Swedish word for this: roughly meaning “just the right amount.” Not too much. Not too little. Everything in perfect balance, harmony, and proportion. Just right.

hygge (“heu-gah”) is a Danish word that is often translated as “cozy.” But the word hygge means so much more, and may be considered the highest expression of living – that deep satisfaction of time well spent, of sharing food, drink, music, and movies with family and friends in the simple celebration of everyday living.

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